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Underpile Drag Chain Reclaimers
Underpile Drag Chain Reclaimers
Underpile Drag Chain Reclaimers
Underpile Drag Chain Reclaimers
Traveling Screw Reclaimers

Underpile Drag Chain Reclaimers

Underpile drag chain reclaimers are among the most cost-effective options for reclaiming needs.

Capable of handling an array of materials, underpile drag chain reclaimers can be designed for your fuel feed system’s unique needs.

ProcessBarron designs underpile drag chain reclaimers for open air fuel piles as well as silos and storage bins.

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Underpile Reclaimer System Design

Complete drag chain reclaimer assemblies can be configured with multiple drag chains, depending on application and volume requirements. ProcessBarron’s underpile drag chain conveyor systems also include motor, roller drive train and gear reducers calibrated to ensure a steady fuel flow.

Underpile drag chain reclaimers can be used for coal, limestone, wood particles, biomass, petroleum coke, gypsum and other materials. With high capacity capabilities and low maintenance requirements, underpile drags chain conveyors are very economical.

While these reclaimers are not as extensively automated as the traveling screw reclaimer, underpile drag chain reclaimers are a durable and reliable fit for many boiler feed systems.

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