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Power Plant


From regulated power groups to independent operators, ProcessBarron understand the importance of rapid response.

Hands down, ProcessBarron provides one of the fastest repair and delivery times in the industry for power facilities and recognizes the critical importance of fast equipment repair and fabrication. 

Compared to our industry competitors, ProcessBarron consistently provides the power industry with the greatest value – the best equipment at the best price with the best delivery and follow-up.

Handle Your Own

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Power Industry Solutions

For the team at ProcessBarron, the old rules of the manufacturer setting the repair timeline don't apply.  ProcessBarron's extensive team of engineers, fabricators and field services experts work in tandem to get utility plants back to full capacity as quickly as possible.  

Certifications:  CFX Analysis, FEA Analysis, AWSO 14.6, Fans tested to Amplitude 10

Considering transitioning to burning biomass? Learn more about ProcessBarron’s long history working in the biomass industry.