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ProcessBarron Radial Blade Fan

Radial Blade Fans

Radial blade fans are used in forced draft and reduced draft service for a variety of industrial applications including heat recovery, incineration and combustion air in chemical plants, power plants, foundries, and refineries.

ProcessBarron’s radial blade fans are available with inlet and outlet dampers, inlet boxes, access doors, and silencers often required in high-pressure applications.

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Radial Blade Fan Construction

Featuring the strongest structural design, radial blade fans are capable of achieving the highest pressures of the available industrial fan constructions. Easily maintainable with self-cleaning characteristics, radial fans offer low initial capital cost but tend to rank lower in efficiency compared to other industrial fan designs.

ProcessBarron custom fabricates new and replacement heavy duty radial blade fans from carbon steel, high-yield steels or exotic alloys. Radial blade fan rotors are balanced to ANSI standards, and finite element analysis and other advanced testing processes ensure stable design and accurate fan performance.

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 Our engineers and service technicians can assess your operational requirements, and construct the proper mechanical draft fan for your application needs.