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Backward Inclined Fan
Backward Inclined Flat Fan

Backward Inclined Fans

Backward inclined fans are constructed with highly efficient flat blades, backwardly inclined to match the velocity pattern of the air passing through the fan wheel.

Resembling some of the characteristics of the airfoil fan, backward inclined fans are not ordinarily used when gases contain sticky material or abrasive dust.

A backward inclined fan features a unique, non-overloading characteristic, allowing the horsepower required by the fan to actually decrease when the flow rate increases past a certain point.

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Backward Inclined Fan Construction

ProcessBarron can custom fabricate a new or replacement backward inclined flat fan from a variety of heavy duty steels or exotic alloys. Fan rotors are balanced to ANSI standards, and finite element analysis and other advanced testing processes ensure stable design and accurate performance of your backward inclined fan.

Backward inclined flat fans can be found in forced draft and reduced draft service for variety of industries like chemical plants, power plants, foundries, and refineries.  Applications include:  

  • Heat recovery
  • Incineration
  • Combustion air 

ProcessBarron’s backward inclined fans are available with several options and accessories, including inlet and outlet dampers, inlet boxes, access doors, and silencers often required in high-pressure applications.

Our engineers and service technicians can assess your operational requirements, and construct the proper centrifugal fan for your application needs.

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