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Airfoil Fans
Airfoil Fan Blades

Airfoil Fans

Airfoil fans are one of the most cost effective, highly efficient fan designs available (typically 83 – 88%).

Airfoil fans feature quiet, smooth operation, making them ideal for a wide range of ID fan or FD fan applications, including: heat recovery, incineration, process air, and pollution control.

ProcessBarron has extensive experience fabricating and servicing heavy duty centrifugal airfoil fans for boiler, furnace, and kiln systems.

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Airfoil Blade Manufacturing

Because airfoil fans are frequently used to move dust laden gases, they are often subjected to material buildup and imbalanced fan operation.

ProcessBarron’s airfoil fan blades include special construction features, such as solid nose piece utilization, to provide superior resistance to abrasion and wear. Available with non-overloading characteristics, multiple accessories, and configurations, ProcessBarron provides flexible solutions to minimize fan operating costs.

Our rugged airfoil fans are designed for longevity and efficiency in air, gases, dust, and material handling applications. When manufacturing airfoil blades, we weld internal stiffeners to both sides for optimum structural rigidity. The blades are also full penetration welded to the back plate (or center plate on double inlet fans) and shroud to maximize the blade section modulus.

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Airfoil Fan Construction & Accessories

At ProcessBarron, new mechanical draft fans are performance rated in accordance with AMCA standards, rigorously tested and quality checked for proper rotating assembly operation, rotor resonance properties, and overall fan performance.

Our industrial fans are fabricated from materials including Hastelloy, ASTM 36, high strength carbon steels – A514/A517 and exotic alloys to endure long-lasting use in high temperature, high pressure, corrosive environments.

Common mechanical draft fan accessories/options include:

  • Flanged inlets & outlets
  • Access doors
  • Shaft, bearing, & belt guards
  • Spark resistant construction
  • Extended life bearings
  • Special coatings
  • Silencers & insulation