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Preventative Maintenance

There’s no doubt preventative maintenance extends the useful life of industrial fans and material handling equipment.

Preventative maintenance services from ProcessBarron include industrial fan and auxiliary system inspection, performance testing, and repairs, retrofits or upgrades to system components.

Customized preventative maintenance schedules give your equipment the long life and dependability you expect and ProcessBarron’s equipment maintenance is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM requirements

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Extending Equipment Life

ProcessBarron’s quality control and engineering departments focus on your system’s maintenance to predict future performance issues in order to prevent system failures and unplanned outages.

In addition to scheduled preventative maintenance services, we maintain extensive inventories of replacement parts such as hubs, shafts, and wear materials for centrifugal fans, and materials handling equipment components needed in order to maintain fast repair turn times.

With thorough testing of fans (vibration analysis, fan balancing), draft systems (installation integrity, finite element analysis), and materials handling equipment, we fully document your system’s efficiencies and make clear recommendations for modifications or upgrades – reducing long term maintenance costs.

ProcessBarron offers scheduled and on-demand maintenance for:

  • Centrifugal Mechanical Draft Fans (ID, FD & Primary Air)
  • Fan Housings, Shafts, Hubs, and Bearings
  • Dampers & Expansion Joints
  • Flow Control Actuators
  • Kiln Seals
  • Mechanical Dust Collectors
  • Drag Chain, Screw & Belt Conveyors
  • Underpile Reclaimers
  • Live Bottom Screw Bins
  • Ash Conditioners & Unloaders
  • Double Dump Valves & Rotary Airlock Valves
  • Draft System Ductwork & Stacks
  • Access Doors and Air Handling Accessories 

By implementing regularly scheduled preventative equipment maintenance, ProcessBarron can ensure that your air handling and material handling equipment performs properly for years to come.  We offer technical upgrades and routing shutdown equipment maintenance service on existing equipment.

Contact ProcessBarron's Field Services team to learn more about how our team can help your facility improve its efficiency and extend equipment life.  For emergency equipment repair, call 800-226-3267.