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 2013 Trade Show Schedule Date

Paperweek Canada

Location: Montreal

February 4-6

WRBA Conference

Location: Portland, OR

March 12-13


Location: Atlanta, GA

April 8-10

International Biomass

Location: Minneapolis, MN

April 8-10

IFT Energy

Location: Chile

April 17-19

AISTech 2013

Location:Pittsburg, PA

May 6-8

Jansen Boiler Workshop

Location: Boston, MA

May 9-10

Fluidized Bed Combustion Conference

Location: Louisville, KY

May 20-22


Location: Pittsburg, PA

June 12-14

59th Annual Fornis Conference

Location: Clearwater Beach, FL

June 18-20

Word Mining Conference

Location: Montreal

August 11-12

Jansen Boiler Workshop

Location: Portland, OR

September 19-20


Location: Atlanta, GA

October 7-9


Location: Orlando, FL

November 12-14