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Dust Collector Upgrades & Replacements

One of ProcessBarron’s greatest strengths is our ability to repair, modify, or replace other manufacturer’s multiclone dust collectors and equipment.

Upgrading obsolete equipment to achieve better performance and longer operating life is very common at our company. The two most common dust collector upgrade scenarios are replacement of internal parts and complete assembly replacement

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Replacement of Internal Dust Collector Parts

Servicing dust collectors often involves the replacement of existing internal dust collector parts with in-kind pieces. It can also consist of using different size or type tube assemblies that will fit inside the casing, yet still handle the required air volume and pressure drop requirements. Another common option is adding outlet hood turning vanes to improve airflow distribution, and reduce any differential pressure problems that may be present inside the casing. 

Replacement of the Complete Dust Collection Assembly

In many cases, our engineering knowledge and flexibility allow for the collector assembly to be replaced, while still maintaining the same dimensions of the original.  Sometimes a system’s requirements are increased.  When this happens and a new collector with larger dimensions is needed, ProcessBarron always considers how the new equipment affects the connecting ductwork, support steel, and material handling equipment.

Our Engineering capabilities include being able to review and evaluate the existing structural steel.  We can determine if the existing structural steel is adequate for the new equipment, and what additions may be required.

  • ProcessBarron can also design and provide any required transition duct pieces connecting to the new multiclone dust collector, with emphasis on improving airflow distribution through the system.
  • Any connecting material handling equipment (i.e. conveyors, rotary feeders, etc.) can be evaluated to determine if it is properly sized for the new conditions.  Any required modifications or replacements can be designed and provided by our company.

In almost every situation, ProcessBarron's Dust Collector Division can offer options for performance improvement.  Understanding and providing solutions for the entire system is always considered part of the project at our company.  How the existing system will be affected by any changes made is one of the first questions we ask. 

Contact ProcessBarron's Dust Collector Division to learn more about how our team can help your facility improve efficiency.  ProcessBarron also offers emergency repair services when the unexpected occurs - contact our 24-hour hotline, 800-226-3267, when you need help on demand.