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Stack Cap Damper

Stack Cap Dampers

Stack dampers and stack cap dampers can be used in many applications for isolation and by-pass services, and are capable of providing near zero leakage when closed.

ProcessBarron offers electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and manual gear actuator options for stack damper operation control according to customer specifications.

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Stack Dampers & Stack Cap Dampers

ProcessBarron’s skilled team of craftsmen manufacture and assemble specialty stack dampers in-house at our own facilities.  All custom stack cap dampers are designed, manufactured, shop assembled, and tested in-house at our Alabama facilities.

The domed cap is attached to the counterweight arm by a floating pivot bearing, allowing a uniform seal. The seal is retained by a bolted clamp bar which provides simple seal replacement if needed. The stack cap is furnished complete with hold down lugs to conveniently allow the cap to be mechanically held in the closed position for service and removal of the actuator without taking the flue gas system out of service.

Our field service department specializes in turn-key installation of new dampers and the inspection, maintenance, and thorough analysis of problems with existing equipment.

Contact ProcessBarron's Damper Division to learn more about our capabilities.  For time-critical projects, our emergency repair services can quickly repair damaged dampers and process equipment.  Call for emergency repair: 800-226-3267.

Our qualified engineering and service teams are eager to earn your business and help you maintain an efficient operation.