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Slide Gate Damper

Slide Gate Dampers

The slide gate damper (also called a guillotine damper) is used for shut-off use in many industrial applications.

ProcessBarron manufactures low leakage and zero leakage slide gate damper designs, with either machine screws or chain drives.

Slide gate dampers can be furnished with electric actuators, air cylinders, or hydraulic actuators. 

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Slide Gate Dampers and Guillotine Dampers

Low leakage slide gate isolation dampers are primarily used for isolation purposes where low levels of leakage and pressure drop are required. Low leakage slide gate isolation dampers are available with chain drive and electric motor actuators.

Self cleaning stainless steel blade seals are incorporated around the full inside perimeter of the damper frame. The atmospheric blade seal is furnished along the face and edges of the damper blade to minimize leakage into or from the atmosphere.

  • Low leakage dual blade slide gate isolation dampers are available for systems which experience build up around the blade seals. The dual blade concept enables each blade to be fully stroked separately, allowing the blade seals to be cleaned without taking the flue gas system out of service.
  • Zero leakage slide gate isolation dampers are used when isolation is required for a system, by employing dual blades that provide an air chamber achieving zero leakage. Machine screws with protective boots and electric motors are supplied for open-close service. An isolation valve is furnished to prevent flue gas leakage to the atmosphere when the seal air fan is not operating.

ProcessBarron’s skilled team of craftsmen manufacture and assemble specialty dampers in-house at our own facilities. Our field service department specializes in turn-key installation of new dampers and the inspection, maintenance, and thorough analysis of problems with existing equipment.

All ProcessBarron slide gate dampers are test-operated prior to shipment or on-site installation.  Custom slide gate dampers and guillotine dampers are designed, manufactured, shop assembled, and tested in-house at our facilities in Alabama.

Contact ProcessBarron's Damper Division to learn more about our capabilities.  For time-critical projects, our emergency repair services can quickly repair damaged dampers and process equipment.  Call for emergency repair: 800-226-3267. 

Our qualified engineering and service teams are eager to earn your business and help you maintain an efficient operation.