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Air Handling

ProcessBarron’s air handling systems are based on sound engineering, quality manufacturing, and dependable service. 

Improperly designed air handling systems can act like parasites, draining your plant of critical energy and driving up operating costs. 

ProcessBarron’s air handling team performs thorough analysis to identify the most efficient and effective solution for your air handling system.  

Handle Your Own

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Experts in Centrifugal Fans, Duct Systems and more

Plants that work with ProcessBarron routinely benefit from basic air handling modifications that can easily produce annual energy savings of $100k+.  Learn more about ProcessBarron’s air handling equipment and services.

  • Industrial Fans:  Centrifugal fan design, fabrication & repair
  • Dampers:  Custom design to reliably regulate airflow
  • Expansion Joints:  Reduces thermal stress in draft systems
  • Dust Collectors:  Multiclone design improves efficiency & maintenance upkeep
  • Heat Exchangers:  Lowers temperatures to improve energy savings
  • Overfire Air Systems:  Increase efficiency and reduce emissions
  • Stacks:  Single & dual wall, steel  & special alloys

The ProcessBarron team engineers, designs, manufactures, installs and services the most sophisticated air handling systems available.  We service our customers anytime, anywhere and have the equipment, transportation, and personnel to install, maintain, and custom design all of your air handling components.